Patricia Thomas

Master of Osteopathy, Bachelor of Applied Science, Diploma of Health Science, Osteopathy Board of Australia Board Director, AHPRA

 experienced, skilled, professional

Since 1989, Patricia has successfully helped thousands of patients with neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain, headaches, sports injuries, chronic pain, acute pain, complex pain, and many other ailments. She provides quality health care and service due to her broad experience, honed hands on skills, dedication to ongoing cross professional up to date education, and her great communication. Patricia is one of the best, most experienced osteopaths on the Sunshine Coast, and in Queensland.

Patricia is a Peregian Beach local, who is available Monday to Friday from 9-5.  If you can’t make it between 9 to 5, contact her and she will try to find a mutually suitable time for you to see her.

Patricia is also the Ministerially appointed Queensland practitioner, under the National Law for AHPRA registered health professionals, to Board Director for the Osteopathy Board of Australia.  Her role, with the other directors, is to uphold the highest standards for osteopathic professional practice across Australia.  She was also the National President and Board Director for the Australian Osteopathic Association, and Osteopathy Australia. In 2014 she and the other board directors changed the name of the AOA to OA.

Patricia is adept at different approaches, as all patients have different individual needs. If a patient is someone who doesn’t like (or would not benefit from) spine or joint manipulation, then she won’t manipulate them. If manipulation is an appropriate technique for a patient who really likes spinal manipulation or other joint manipulation, Patricia is very good at those manipulative techniques. Not all manipulation approaches are the same between professions, so her patients often remark how different it feels to have specific preparation and techniques to make the manipulation easier, gentler and more comfortable.  Patricia is also very good at gentle non-manipulative techniques, for those who are sensitive, or prefer that approach.  Her treatments can be very active, or very quiet, depending on what the patient’s needs are.

She generally treats people aged 12 and above, but will treat simple issues such as sports injuries, for younger school aged children.  Anyone who can ascend stairs can benefit from her treatment at her clinic at Peregian Beach. Her treatments may include sports taping, dry needling, exercise prescription and ultrasound therapy, amongst other highly skilled soft tissue techniques.

Prior to living and working at Peregian Beach village, Patricia was part of sports-medicine teams (part of the original health team at Sydney West Sports Medicine), worked as a clinical supervisor of final year osteopaths treating patients at SportsMed orthopaedic surgery hospital in Mumbai. She was part of multi-disciplinary allied health and natural therapy teams in Sydney, and with Hope for Health in Arnhem Land as part of an indigenous health initiative. She also worked at Australia’s premier 5 star private gyms and medical spa .  Her treatment experience spans world-famous elite sporting figures and teams, business leaders, golfers, cyclists, soccer players, cricketers, ninety-something grandmas and grandpas, pregnant people, hairdressers, dancers, tradies and many more.

Patricia wrote a distance education course in biomechanics and kinesiology, and also taught for the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. She taught physical examination techniques, anatomy and physiology and remedial massage techniques. Prior to that she served in paramedic type role to elite Australian soldiers.

Patricia is qualified to refer for for X-rays, MRI’s and imaging should they be required.


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