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Peregian Beach Village Plover Street end, upstairs office

8/10 Grebe Street, Peregian Beach QLD 4573


Booking Availability

Bookings essential

Monday to Friday 9-5

 If you need help with a booking time please email, voicemail or private message me via Peregian Beach Osteopathy Facebook page.

Medical Practice Nurses, Managers & GPs

Please see the information on the GP referrals page.

First time to this clinic?

Please click here to start filling-out your Patients Medical History Form.  Best completed on a PC, this will give you time to find details you may need, and permit more time for hands-on therapy during your first treatment. This is a small, personal clinic where I treat one patient at a time. This electronic form is secured in a cloud-based patient-management system to save space.

The health history form is detailed. You’ll need about 10-15 minutes to complete it.  This form will help you fill out your details in your own time, and you are able to save it for completion at a later date. You and I are both sent a copy once you decide to submit it. I do not see any details, and it doesn’t send me semi-completed forms, until you choose to submit the completed form.


What do I need to know?

X-rays – please bring along MRIs and CTs

If you have them and they are pertinent to the condition for which you’re seeing me. When possible please always include the written version of the radiologist’s report. Reports on CD’s are often encrypted and can’t be read. If you don’t have it, if you contact the provider who ordered the report they may be able to give you a copy.

Hygiene and immunity

Body fluids such as sweat can transfer diseases, so please do not arrive directly after sweaty exercise. I understand that our climate causes some sweating, but exercise just before treatment will prolong that process.

If you get covered in sand/concrete/wood-dust/plant-material/oil/sand/dirt at work, or play, please plan your visit to allow time to shower and clean-up before you attend your appointment.

Clothing, modesty and personal boundaries.

Your personal sense of modesty will be respected throughout the treatment. Usually, especially on the Sunshine Coast, people feel comfortable to undress to ‘swimwear’ level. If that’s not your style, then it is not required. I recommend you to wear flexible loose clothing that we can adjust slightly for observation. If you are comfortable with that, we ask you to wear underwear that covers your private parts, but is not highly constrictive. I also recommend that you bring loose sports shorts if you believe they would make you more comfortable. I have ‘one size fits most’ cotton hospital-style gowns/robes available for my patients.
For more information please refer to our FAQ page.
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