My health career began outside of osteopathy and was trauma-focused. That changed when I was hit by a car and became a patient with a complex pain issue.  After three years of different, ineffective, approaches to my problems, an osteopath, and the acupuncturist and neurologist that the osteopath referred me to, helped me.  Due to that experience, I strongly believe that people  need choice in different approaches to care from registered health professionals. I also realised that I had always thought like an osteopath. My thoughts tend towards ‘everything’s connected so don’t treat issues like they are isolated from the rest of the person’s body and mind’.

My training and skills mostly relate to active adults, in treating injuries or keeping people ‘tuned-up’ so they enjoy more movement, and experience less discomfort. I use everything I’ve learned across my years of training and experience in different areas. I don’t rely on one modality in my approach to an individual’s treatment needs. 

I have had the good fortune to with multiple allied health professionals and sports medicine specialists at the peak of their professions as part of the team at Sydney West Sports Medicine, and SportsMed Orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai. I have lectured at, and wrote a module of study on biomechanics and kinesiology for, the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, and was the corporate and body-work trainer at a luxury medical spa. I was a Director and National President of the peak professional body representing osteopaths in Australia (the Australian Osteopathic Association, Osteopathy Australia), and was Queensland’s practitioner on the Osteopathy Board of Australia in the AHPRA scheme for registered health professionals.

I returned to the clean air, the long natural beaches and the friendly, caring folks of the Sunshine Coast that I used to know as a teenager, after a long stint in Sydney. I get out to scrunch my toes in the sand, and commune with ghost crabs, pat dogs and watch the waves roll in as often as possible.  I am an inherently tactile person,  so am attracted to textile crafts, as well as many types of art, music,  huge skies and remote, pristine, outdoor spaces. I love adventurous activities, outrigger canoeing and dancing.

Recent clinically-related training/CPD:

  • assessment and exercise for an ageing population
  • pelvic and perineal pain management – WHRIA
  • Orthosports Seminar, University of NSW
    • exercise prescription for the older patient
    • choosing for hip replacement
    • syndesmotic injury
    • the evolution of shoulder instability surgery
    • ALL and MPFL reconstruction – knee
    • base of thumb arthritis
    • tarsometatarsal joint injury and arthritis
    • posterolateral corner injury
  • essentials of effective scoliosis management
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