8/10 Grebe Street Peregian Beach (upstairs)

I am situated at the Southern end of the village square, upstairs above General Officer barber. My small, boutique, clinic is an upstairs location in a single room (I don’t have a waiting room). Turn left at the top of the stairs, and turn again after a few steps. You will see my logo on the door. I regret that I am inaccessible to those who cannot climb stairs, as there is no lift. 

Finding me on foot:

On Grebe Street at Flitefit gym, head a little towards the beach. Outside Organika Day Spa you’ll see a signboard with the Peregian Beach Osteopathy logo. Turn towards the village square. Keep looking to the right. There is a stairwell just before the General Officer barber. You will find the owl and nautilus shell sign.

If you are in the village square, look for the breezeway between Patrizia B and Otilly & Lewis. You will see the General Officer barber. Just beside their entry is a stairwell. I am upstairs, and to the left.

Parking is at a premium at this beautiful place. There are car-parks near to my clinic, but you should aim to arrive well before your appointment to ensure you get a spot, especially during school holidays and tourist seasons.

Yes, I am very happy to treat patients under CDM plans and to communicate with your GP according to the needs of the CDM.
If you have never had one before: 1. pre-register your bank details with Medicare (Medicare at Maroochydore are helpful in that respect) 2. ensure your GP has verified you have a valid plan, and has activated that plan.3. bring the original, signed, CDM form from your GP to your first appointment 4.   bring your Medicare card to the appointment every time you are entitled to use it under the CDM plan. 5. be prepared to pay the gap fee – Medicare does not cover the full fee. Just like a private health fund, they pay part of the fee, and you cover the rest.  In 2019, Medicare covers $53.80.

Since finishing my degrees my continuing professional education has been focused on sports injuries (that covers a lot), pelvic and hip pain, postural issues and, back, neck  and chronic pain.  I am able to assess and treat school-aged children, and do taping for knees, ankles and other joints for little dancers and sports-people. I have treated babies with wry neck (soft-tissue work only – I do not manipulate babies), but I do not treat issues such as colic, head-shape or breast-feeding issues.

Children (under 18) must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian throughout the whole treatment. Only one parent/legal guardian needs to be present.  I will not treat children left with older siblings.  It is best for your child/ward that no other children are present during their consultation and treatment.


Yes. I don’t see bulk numbers of patients. I do not treat more than one patient at a time. Due to my already low fees, the high-quality personalized care I provide and the often complex nature of care required, I cannot offer gap-free treatments.

Preferably not, unless you need them for interpreting/signing, or you are the legal guardian of a child (anyone under 18 in Qld) I am treating. It contravenes privacy laws and disrupts the way I practice. I focus on one person in my treatment, for their benefit, and sometimes have to ask deeply personal questions. 

It is much better for you to come at a time when I don’t have to divert my attention away from a concerned or curious person.   

My practice is upstairs in a single room with no waiting room.  Your friend/family member/assistant can enjoy the beautiful Peregian Beach Village cafes, restaurants, shops or parks whilst you are in treatment.

If you need help ascending and descending stairs, you will need an assistant to reach my office.  

Children (under 18) must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian throughout the whole treatment.  I will not treat a child with only an older sibling present. No-one else should be present during their consultation/treatment.

Apart from the danger of little fingers/limbs around moving machinery and glass cupboards, even the calmest of children have moments when they need their parent. They experience concern when they hear or see something relating to their parent during treatment.  Please arrange for a carer for the time you’ll be in our appointment.  Peregian Beach has beautiful cafes, a beach, and park settings where kids can play. They’ll probably love to help you out.

You don’t need a referral to see an osteopath, if you are a private patient. I am a  government-registered primary health-care practitioner, so you can just call/facebook message/click ‘book now’ on this site, to make a booking.

If you have a chronic condition that can be alleviated by hands-on treatment, health advice and exercise prescription then your medical doctor can refer you to an osteopath under Medicare’s  Chronic Disease Management Plan (previously called an “EPC”).
If you need treatment under an insurance claim, you need to prove your eligibility prior to attending and pay for the appointment yourself. The reason for this is that insurance companies make practitioners jump through hoops with extra work aside from your actual treatment time, and they don’t always pay in a timely fashion.

I respectfully ask anyone attending my clinic to turn off all devices before entering. This ensures privacy protection to me and to you, from devices that have audio and video capability even when not activated by their owner.

A CDM Plan is part of the Medicare scheme and is designed to provide patients with chronic (long-standing) pain and conditions. It allows you a total (combined) of up to five allied health consultations per calendar year.


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