No, as a private patient you don’t need a referral to see an osteopath. We are primary health-care practitioners, which means all you need to do is call to make an appointment. If you wish to come under a Chronic Disease Management Plan. If you are under a WorkCover or other insurance claim, you will need to prove your eligibility prior to attending, and pay for the appointment, to be reimbursed by your insurance company.

No, please and thank you. Modern devices have cameras and voice-recording technology which put the privacy of other patients, and practitioners, at great risk. Switching devices to silent does not protect our practice, our patients and our records from privacy law risks. We respectfully require anyone attending our clinic to turn off all devices before entering.

People aged 16 and over may book for our services. Peregian Beach Osteopathy is currently focused on treating adults who have a preference or need for a controlled and calm environment.

Many people prefer to have their children treated by osteopaths due to our particular holistic approach to treatment. We are considering introducing a paediatric-oriented practitioner to cater for the little people in our lives in the future, at specific booking times. Children are not ‘mini-adults’ and, if a large proportion of our patients require us to do so, we will take the time to recruit an osteopath whose paediatric-specific education and experience are proven to the highest standard. If you need a recommendation for a paediatric practitioner, please call us.

We respectfully need our patients who are parents or guardians to come at a time when they can find someone to mind their child outside the clinic. Services at Peregian Beach Osteopathy currently focus on adults who have a need for a calm, controlled environment, such as people with migraines, and people with balance problems.

We respect that parents have trouble getting time to themselves and may come to our clinic as much for rest and refreshment as they do for pain or injury-related issues. The concept of “wellness” in our name includes acknowledgment of the need for time for self-care. To provide the most professional service, our practitioners need to direct their attention to only one person in every treatment.

Furthermore, our electronic treatment tables are heavy, moving machinery that need careful control. The acupuncture needles, though well-stored, also pose a risk for curious fingers and eyes. Even the calmest children have moments when they need their parent. They experience concern when they hear or see something relating to their parent during treatment. Some wish to satisfy curiosity or boredom, which disrupts the treatment process.

Yes, we are very happy to treat patients under CDM plans and to communicate with your GP according to the needs of the CDM. Patients need to have their bank details pre-registered with Medicare (Medicare at Maroochydore are helpful in that respect). Peregian Beach Osteopathy charges our normal fee to the patient and then swipes their Medicare card to initiate Medicare’s process of rebating part of the payment cost. This works similarly to a private-health-fund claim. Patients do not receive a full refund from Medicare. If you’d like to be referred to an osteopath, let your GP know, and have their clinic manager contact us if they’d like to talk to us before they commit you to a plan.

A CDM Plan is part of the Medicare scheme and is designed to provide patients with chronic (long-standing) pain and conditions. It allows you five allied health consultations per calendar year. Medicare will pay a portion (not all) of your consultation fee, which is claimed via your Medicare card on the day (if you have pre-registered your bank details with Medicare) or at a Medicare office (we highly recommend that you register your bank details and bring in your Medicare to have a better experience).

Please note, you need to ensure your GP has checked that you have a valid CDM and that your GP has activated it with Medicare prior to attending. Full payment is required on the day of treatment and a receipt will be issued for you. If you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain in conjunction with another medical condition you may wish to ask your GP if you are eligible to go on a CDM plan.

Even when tourist season is at its peak, the off-street parking availability at the Noosaville Medical and Professional Centre is the best in the area. There are open-air spots, and undercover parking spots. If you don’t wish to climb the stairs from the undercover parking, aim to turn left as soon as you enter the driveway, and park in the top outdoor parking area on the same level as Goodchaps Cafe and the Breast Screen service.

G.L.O.W. can be found on the same level as Goodchap’s Café, and overlooks the building that contains Noosa Radiology.

If you are at the café, walk through the atrium area (under the widest set of stairs), then turn to the right so you can see the lower car park and building area. Head towards the stairs, but don’t descend to the lower car park and undercover parking area.

If you are at the Radiology clinic area, walk in the opposite direction to the mobile phone repeater tower, and up the stairs to the higher building. In both cases, as you approach you will see our flying owl and nautilus shell logo, just near the stairs.

Yes, currently people eligible for pensioner, DVA, and full-time student rates can book at the following times: 9:45 a.m., 10:15 a.m., 10:45 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Other patients may also book these times, so please call well ahead to ensure you get can get a booking. Valid certification of your status must be provided at booking and payment each time you attend, via your official card. No further discount beyond that listed can be provided, due to the often complex nature of care required.

Yes, we have pre-selected a number of charities and community support organisations that we support in various ways, which span multiple areas of interest. Patricia has a long history of community-minded involvement and is a current member of the Noosa chapter of Zonta, a human rights organisation. We will occasionally let our patients know of our initiatives with regard to supporting those different organisations, and information that those charities need to be passed on, but we won’t overwhelm people with details or requests for donations.

Please note, we will only entertain formal written communication for charity and community involvement, and will not respond to cold calls or hawkers. Being a small business, we are time-limited, and do what we can but cannot always extend our generosity as much as we’d like.