Chronic Disease Management (CDM) patients

GPs and Practice Managers, we welcome your CDM patients and will comply with completing the necessary documents required by Medicare. If you would like to talk to us before committing your patient to a plan, please call us to arrange a time to do so. If you would like to speak with a medical specialist referee about the quality of our service, please contact us on 5449 0386 for details.  We do not treat people under the age of sixteen.

We kindly ask you the following of you:

  1. prior to referring your patient, please ensure that your patient has not used up their permitted treatments for the current period under a CDM prescribed by another GP
  2. activate the CDM
  3. where possible, have the form typed (sometimes we can’t read your writing)
  4. contact us to forward their information (we don’t publish our fax in order to avoid junk faxes, and to protect patient privacy).

Please let your patients know that:

  1. they need to pre-register their bank details with Medicare (Maroochydore Centrelink at 5 Maud Street is able to assist)
  2. they will need to pay our full-fee on the day of their treatment (see fee page) – unless you request us to bulk-bill
  3. that they need to bring their valid Medicare card on the day to have it swiped to receive their Medicare rebate
  4. their treatment is not fully-funded by Medicare, unless you request us to bulk bill, but is akin to using a private health fund, where a partial rebate is given by Medicare.
  5. they cannot combine a private health fund rebate and a Medicare rebate for the same service.
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