If you see a dentist, optometrist, hairdresser, fitness guru or GP for check-up regularly you understand the logic of and many benefits for keeping yourself well-maintained. Nothing gives away poor health and early ageing as instinctively as our quality of movement – understood best in the value we put on elite dancers and athletes. The freer the movement, the healthier and younger we look and feel.

The best time to take care of your body is before it develops a problem, but don’t assume nothing can be done to help you if you’ve had your issue for a while. Staying active and healthy sometimes requires assistance, and on the everyday habits we choose, to manage injury and degeneration. Being overly stoic can actually be detrimental to our physical and mental health.  So often people screen-out all their body’s messages until their body finally sends a message they can’t ignore. So often we say ‘it was out of the blue’, ‘I’ve always done that, and it’s never caused a problem before’, ‘I don’t know what I did differently’ or ‘it’s just part of getting older’, when we’ve simply just ignored or misinterpreted the messages, or haven’t found the right person to help us yet.

Don’t accept unnecessary pain and decline because you think it’s unavoidable. Whilst change is inevitable, there’s no need to hasten along hassles through self-neglect. If you’ve done your best to overcome discomfort or limitation, but still aren’t at your best, if you need someone to help you cope with the symptoms of an irreversible condition, or if you like to be proactive in maintaining your health, please consult us at Peregian Beach Osteopathy to find out how we can help you.

A happy routine helps create a healthy interaction of all your bodily systems. Regular sound sleep helps concentration and productivity, allows our body to release and regulate healing and ‘happiness’ hormones, and restores energy to be motivated to exercise. Adequate sun exposure helps mood regulation and allows the body to make Vitamin D, essential for bone and muscle health. Tailored physical activity can re-energise and rehabilitate you, mind and body-wise. We have abundant access to nutrients to strengthen our structural integrity, nerve conduction, gut and mental health.