Nothing gives away poor health or gradual injury as instinctively as our quality of movement. The freer the movement, the healthier and younger we look and feel.

The best time to take care of your body is before it develops a problem.  It is common to not really think about it until a problem develops. Being stoic is ingrained in our culture. I really trust that that is a helpful trait, but in some cases it is detrimental to your health. People say ‘it was out of the blue’, ‘I’ve always done that, so why now?’ or ‘I’m just getting old’. Looking back, with my help, they realize that they’ve had plenty of direct requests for help from their own body that they’ve ignored.

Change is inevitable, but there’s no need to endure, or hasten-along, hassles by being stoic. Staying active and healthy sometimes requires assistance. That’s why sports-people have professional health teams taking care of them. The work you do, and your everyday habits either add to, or manage, injury and degeneration.  Some health-care is very focused on cure (which is essential and great), yet less on comfort, gradual change, or interrelated symptoms. In addition to all my years of clinical training, I, as a person in a profession that is not high-volume/profile, am used to dealing with patients who’ve tried other therapies. They appreciate having their issues dealt with from a different perspective, that still includes clinical-discipline.

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