On rare occasions back pain can be associated with a serious condition. Seek immediate help from a Medical Doctor when there is:

  • back pain associated with throbbing in the abdomen
  • back pain associated with a new change to bowel or bladder habits, such as not being able to control excretion of urine and faeces, or not being able to urinate
  • back pain associated with numbness in the parts of the body that would come into contact with a saddle when sat on one
  • back pain associated with chills and fevers
  • back pain that is worse when you lie down
  • back pain that is associated with the onset of a dragging foot or weakened leg
  • back pain associated with unexplained weight loss
  • back pain after a fall from a height
  • back pain if you have a history of cancer anywhere
  • back pain if you have a history of osteoporosis
  • back pain in people aged under 16 years old
  • back pain that does not diminish with rest
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