Although we all share common features of anatomy and physiology, we at Peregian Beach Osteopathy believe that we are much more than the sum of our parts, and we always keep that in mind when helping you. We take the time to listen to you and work with you. This is especially relevant for those with ongoing problems, but also for identifying possible issues relating to recent conditions.

What Makes Us Different

Our diagnosis & treatment is characterised by holism.

The discipline of osteopathy, the oldest of the Western manual therapy professions, has always recognised the need to integrate knowledge about a patient’s systemic and mental health, with their physical presentation. This attitude towards health-care is now more widely accepted as the importance of nutrition, gut-health, especially as the effects of hormones, and the impact of a person’s social environment on their body’s physical self-repair of is becoming better understood.

We don’t routinely x-ray.

We take a reserved approach to exposing patients to the cost and exposure of x-ray radiation. At Peregian Beach Osteopathy we only refer for imaging/x-rays when the results may change the course of treatment for the patient. We don’t use them as a routine screen or base-line for outcome measures.

We treat one patient per booking.

At Peregian Beach Osteopathy your practitioner will spend your booked consultation with you, and not treat multiple patients simultaneously.

We have relatively long treatment times compared to other registered manual health professionals.

At Peregian Beach Osteopathy your initial appointment will be one hour. Standard subsequent appointments will be for 30 minutes, or for extended appointments, for 45 minutes. This gives us time to do soft-tissue work for slower-responding tissues, to demonstrate and practice rehabilitative activities, and other advice, as well as do more direct techniques, such as joint manipulation.

We tend to treat less frequently compared to other manual health professionals.

Each individual is different, so this depends on the condition they present with, and their ability and willingness to self-manage with the advice given by their professionals.  Osteopathic philosophy, combined with scientific knowledge and clinical experience, tend to guide osteopathic practitioners to avoid ‘high-volume’ frequency of treatment for most patients. If patients do need frequent intervention, this generally doesn’t last for a long period.

Experienced practitioners understand that some patients are aware of the limitations of their condition, and are simply seeking to identify aggravating factors, alleviate discomfort, and find strategies to cope. Those looking for someone who does not consider their issue in black-&-white cure/no-cure terms find our approach suits them. We work with the patient to try to make changes to improve their quality of life, even when the issue cannot be eliminated.

At Peregian Beach Osteopathy we value communicating well and understanding and setting reasonable goals for treatment outcomes. We try to piece together the picture for you, and explain clearly, ethically and as objectively as possible, our plan to help you. We will also explain our limitations in what we can do, with recommendations for referral to other sources of help. We aim to reduce the frequency, intensity and recurrence of discomfort, to improve your quality of life.

We integrate a variety of hands-on treatments and advice, and will also consult with other health-care and fitness providers who support you in getting better. Techniques used, when appropriate, include professional joint manipulation (with preparation and consent), gentle craniosacral techniques, nuanced soft-tissue modalities such as highly-specific massage, myofascial, lymphatic and some exercise prescription and lifestyle advice that will affect your presenting condition.